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Cynthia McGee
Shop Angel

About Us
I think I was born with a needle and thread in my hands! I can’t remember a time when I haven't sewn.. something! I started out constructing clothing at the age of 12 on my Mom’s old Kenmore sewing machine out of necessity and continued to make my own clothing until the day I got married. As a stay at home mother of two children, I started sewing clothing for customers to make extra money. I did that for almost 10 years.
Then one day, I read a book about the Pioneers and their movement westward across the plains and in it, the author talked about how the pioneer women made quilts out of very worn clothing to keep their families warm. I was intrigued. Hence, this started my interest and the love for quilts and quilt making. Thirty years later, I am still a quilt-maker, enjoying all facets of the art. Lately, though, since I have become a grandmother several times over, baby quilts and all baby related sewing has filled my time. (With an occasional queen size quilt here and there!)
My passion for quilting created a need for a place to purchase supplies, ie; cotton fabrics, patterns, threads, batting and extra wide quilt backings. So I decided to take on the task of offering a small, quilt shop and now an "online "quilt shop where people can shop at their leisure.
Quilts hold so much history. How many of us remember going to our Grandparents house and cuddling under one of their wonderful quilts? Pieced with scraps of fabrics that remind you of days gone by! This is what I hope you will enjoy when you purchase a quilt from me.
I absolutely can’t imagine living my life without making quilts or teaching this wonderful art to others! 

I am very fortunate to have working with me the most wonderful Shop Angel, Cynthia McGee! She has cheerfully helped me with shop displays, ideas for packaging, fabric coordinating, and helps with ordering fabrics!! She does demos with Block of the Month programs and is a patient teacher to my beginner quilters! Cynthia has been quite the cheerleader in encouraging me along with my "Quilt Shop" endeavor!! I truly would be lost without her!!